The Beautiful States of Texas and Florida

The Beautiful States of Texas and Florida

For this week’s blog, we had planned to post our third of three posts for visiting the DC area but, in light of the devastating hurricane damage to two of our favorite states of this great nation, we wanted to focus on the beautiful states of Texas and Florida. First up: Texas! It’s one of our all-time and forever favorite states (our Owner and Founder proudly graduated from University of Texas at Austin at UT Austin). Texas could be the subject of all of our posts for the next five years, there’s so much to see, but today, we’re focusing on the kind, gentle, decent people of the Great State of Texas as well as the amazing beaches.

Our favorite beach in Texas is Mustang Island – its five-miles long, a designated state park, and you can camp and even drive on the beach. In the most accessible area, the entrance to the beach near Port Aransas, you can easily find your own space on the sand with no one within 50 ft of your beach towel. It’s one of the longest and least crowded beaches we’ve ever seen with perfect beige sand, nice surf (bordering on strong but still easily swimmable), and miles to explore or simply to just relax and enjoy. To get to the beach, you’ll pass through Port Aransas a very laid-back, easy going, down-home kind of town with a few great B&Bs, in particular, The Tarpon Inn. Mustang Island is a great beach and a great way to enjoy the genuine hospitality of Texans.

Not to be outdone by Texas is, of course, Florida – home to the countries (and, if you ask us…) the world’s best beaches. Our absolutely favorite beach in the world is St. Augustine. Everything you could ever desire in a beach is at St. Augustine. A great beachfront. Beyond perfect sand. Great, swimmable surf. Cute boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Its ideal. We could easily go to St. Augustine every year and be totally content to never seen another beach (but, of course, wanderlust would eventually get to us!). There are so many places to stay – high-end B&Bs, great renal condos, local Inns, chain hotels – you really can’t go wrong. We love beaches – and we’ve seen many – but there’s no place quite like St. Augustine. We understand that this lovely area wasn’t affected by the hurricane, and we’re happy to hear this, but our hearts go out to other beach communities and cities around Florida.

Thoughts and Prayers to all the great people of Texas and Florida – especially to those who have lost loved ones. We know these great states will rebuild quickly and we plan to visit, to do what we can to help out with the economy at the first opportunity, and to remind everyone of the importance of donations, however large or small, to the Red Cross or your favorite charities.

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