Greenland Part 2

Greenland Part 2

Not to be confusing, since last week we went to Utah and the week before we went to Greenland…but there’s so much more to say about Greenland, we wanted to finish our focus on that amazing country.

So, you’ve flown halfway around the world to what seems like one of the last unexplored areas on earth – Greenland – and you’ve finally arrived in Ilulissat (carrying a few bottles of wine, liquor, or beer that you’ve bought duty free at the airport or brought in with you – it’s very expensive once you’ve in Greenland).   Now you can go exploring.  The first thing to see is Ilulissat itself – take a whole day walking its nice streets, seeing its local history and art museums, carefully petting its local dogs (which look and seem like they are half-wolves), admiring the icebergs in the small working harbor, and having dinner at Hotel Icefiord or restaurant Ulo both of which have fresh seafood caught in local waters, ox meat burgers, steaks, etc and local berries – all served with beautiful views.

The second day spend all day on an amazing hike and walk to nearby the nearby park/trail following the yellow blazes to the stunning views of the Icefjord.   The third full day take a helicopter tour of the icebergs and land on a glacier for an amazing hiking experience on the glacier – it will take all day.   On your fourth day you should spend the entire day on the water – breakfast at one of the cafes/hotels overlooking the fjord, followed by a whale watching cruise, a late lunch on seafood, and the afternoon walking along the coast, a happy hour and dinner nearby and then in the evening/late night take a midnight (in summertime) cruise through the icebergs in the fjord.  On your fifth day, take one of the many, many excursions offered by the local tourist company or local vendors – everything you have ever imagined being able to do in the artic is available:  dog sledding, glacier hiking, helicopter tours, trekking/skiing/snowshoeing, sled dog visiting, ice fishing, fishing tours, Northern lights viewing (obviously not available in the summer – which is likely when you’ll be there), and other boat tours/cruises through the icebergs.  Just stop by one of the few excursion centers and book your adventure on your first day in town – they are expensive but worth it.   On the sixth day you can decide to depart to explore the rest of Greenland – we’d recommend Nuuk in particular for three days – or head home via Iceland or Denmark.   Happy adventures in the arctic!

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