Travel to Relax

Travel to Relax

Sometimes you just want to relax.  You specifically do not want to spend your time exploring,  doing new things, having new experiences — instead you simply want to take a break.  To relax and slowly enjoy an easy break.  You should head to a resort (a high-end, luxury resort, if you can!).

Resorts are meant for you to relax. To enjoy the sunshine on your skin.  You’ll find yourself smiling for no reason.  Our requirements for a great resort:  pool, gym, spa and more than two restaurants on site.  We’ve never actually done an ‘all-inclusive’ but imagine that they are pretty nice.  We’ve been to the Homestead as well as the Salamander Resort in Virginia, and the Nemacolin Woodlands  in Pennsylvania – all which are an easy drive from DC.

If you want to have the full resort experience – you’ll likely have to fly and we’d recommend that you fly to Arizona or Utah – which have the best resorts.  We LOVED our stay at Miraval is in Arizona and we’re hoping to return there or to try out some other resorts in Utah in the near future – in particular Red Rocks in Utah.  Mexico and the Caribbean of course also have some great choices.   We prefer a nice drive to the resort but, for a true vacation, we fly to our destination.  Relax, enjoy and remember that sometimes, the best vacations are simply the ones where you don’t see anything.  Where you don’t do anything.  But instead you relax, enjoy the company of the people you’re with (including when you go alone), and finally have the time to let your mind wonder.

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