My favorite places to visit include the following:  beautiful and accessible scenery, something new that I’ve never experienced, easy, fun, safe , no hassle travel… and if it’s a really great place, uncontrollable fire breaking through rocks in moving red streams of fire and steam rising up from the ground.  There’s truly nowhere else on earth that could satisfy all of these requirements…expect Iceland.

Iceland is so very accessible (including brand-new service from St. Louis on WOW Airline – as well as continuing service on Iceland Air from a number of cities).   It’s just a 4-hour or so non-stop flight from so many U.S. cities.  They speak English.  They drive on the same side of the Road.  And outside Reykjavik there’s literally only one major road – the ring road – so just keep driving straight ahead and you can’t get lost.  There’s so much to say, but let’s spend this blog discussing just the scenery.

I think that we live in a beautiful world – yes there’s pain, crime, and suffering, but there’s also joy, laughter, love and happiness and I have found when you’re in a beautiful, easy environment, then all of these positives, these critically important parts of life, the joy, laughter, and love become easier.  Beautiful scenery is not a nice thing to be enjoyed occasionally, but, to me, it can’t be more important to my happiness and well-being.  I feel most free, most happy and most in love with the world, with my love, with my life when surrounded by natural beauty.  While there are countless beautiful places on this earthy, few places speak to me like the raw nature, the beauty of Iceland.

My favorite is the sheer power from the waterfalls.  There are waterfalls that you can walk behind (Seljalandsfoss), waterfalls that are the most powerful in Europe (Dettifoss – although it’s hard to reach and I’ve not visited it…yet!), accessible waterfalls that are probably the most powerful you’ve ever seen (Gulfoss), and countless little waterfalls just coming down the side of the mountains.   There are also, of course, geysirs – the most famous of which, Strokkur, is very accessible on the Golden Circle.   Ah, yes… the golden Circle.   The Golden Circle begins and ends in Reykjavik and you could literally just spend one full day in Iceland and see Strokkur, the ancient parliament and the place where the European and American tectonic plates come together as well as beautiful waterfalls – whatever you do in Iceland, spend a day on the Golden Circle!    More to come over the next two weeks on other itineraries in Iceland…

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