Make Holiday Travel Easier

Make Holiday Travel Easier

We’re concentrating this week on ways to make your travel easier.   The most obvious way to make your travel easier is, obviously, our Flightline Travel pack (featured recently in 1000 Travel tips:   It’s used to keep all of your travel essentials at your fingertips during flight – it holds your boarding pass, your phone, keys as well as everything it comes with (eye mask, lotion, lip balm, and five other items).  It’s designed to fit in an airplane seat back pocket and the front flap folds over so you can securely store your items in the zippered pocket literally at your fingertips. The tote can also be used for your car for those long car trips (it fits in the seat back pocket behind the front seats).  We won’t spend time on the obvious tips that you already know but will simply highlight what we do to bring back our love of travel in the midst of the holiday travel struggle.

Our tips:  1.  Arrive to the airport early and then spend time in either the fun sports  OR arrive early and sit at an empty gate near your gate, put on your headphones and listen to spa music.  2.  Wear your headphones during flight to drown out any/all annoying sounds even in the airport – but, especially, during flight. 3. Bring a journal for writing during flight.  4.  You probably never have three hours, five  hours, or even eight or more hours to simply sit still and look out the window – so enjoy this time; think of it as your private time to think about life, goals, dreams, etc.  Bring a notebook (or journal) to write down any epiphanies or simply to do lists.  5. Don’t worry about trying to nap, instead stare out the window for epiphanies or, if you must, catch up on the latest episodes or movies you’ve been wanting to see.  6. Also don’t bother speaking with the person sitting next to you, I’m sure they are super nice and friendly… but epiphanies are waiting.

Flightline Travel was born after many long flights and, specifically, during a moment of inspiration while staring out of the window.  So, enjoy the time on the plane (and in the airport) and don’t forget your earphone…and your Flightline Travel Tote.  🙂   Enjoy and good luck with the epiphanies!

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