The Gift of Travel

The Gift of Travel

I love getting gifts – but I love giving gifts perhaps even more.  Trying to figure out exactly what your friend or love one may want is a challenge for sure, but when you do arrive at that perfect idea, it’s such a great feeling.   Buying for children and babies is so easy – cute toys and clothes are always a hit; but once a kid is over 12, and then for the rest of their life, the challenge begins.  When a kid is over 30 or 40 or 60, its nearly impossible.  Our solution – the gift of travel.   Of course if we were all exceedingly wealthy it would be easy – a balcony cabin on a cruise or a week in an exclusive resort – but, we’re not and that’s OK.  There are so many travel options and gifts we can all afford.

Our suggestions for a spouse are a certificate to a night at a B&B drivable from your house or a National Parks Annual Pass that you both can share (with detailed plans on your first and second trip to a national park) or perhaps a certificate to a restaurant that is either in a nearby city or downtown in your city and spend the night in a nice downtown hotel after dinner.   Other suggestions are photo/coffee table books for a dream destination or a photo book that you’ve created yourself (with magazine cutouts or digital photos) of a dream location.   Our suggestions for parents are a restaurant certificate or an add on to a trip they already have planned (a spa certificate on their cruise or at their resort) or a robe or a framed print from the resort (or foreign or U.S. city) they went to earlier in the year and really loved.

And, of course, we’d highly recommend our Flightline Travel Totes:  if your loved one likes to support Made in the USA products – we suggest our premier Flightline Travel Tote.  Or, if you’re looking for something more affordable for only $40 how about our imported travel tote?  You can’t go wrong with our Flightline Travel Totes!

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