Northern Lights

Northern Lights

We had a great time at the DC Travel & Adventure show this past weekend! Thank you to all of our great customers and to everyone we had a chance to speak to. The DC travel agent/trip planner/traveler world is certainly full of energy!

For our post theis week, I wanted to talk about one of the top five things on my bucket list – since I’ve been a child – which is to see the Northern Lights. In Alaska three years ago, in August of all months(!), around midnight there was a spectacular Northern Lights display… apparently. We heard about the display the day after it happened. A few days later, in Valdez I knew that the lights were again active and right on time, around midnight, we were treated to a great display of blue flashes in the sky. Instead of checking this off my bucket, since the lights were a little muted and more like flashes, all the experience really did was make me more set on seeing them in their full glory.

To do so, we’ve researched the best places to see them.
Iceland, Norway, Alaska and Canada are our choices. Specifically: in Alaska, outside of Anchorage or around Fairbanks. Also anywhere outside Reykjavik in Iceland, is probably the best and most convenient way to see them from the East Coast. In Norway, there are a variety of places – but they are all in artic Norway (hours from Oslo); you can try Tromso or Bodo. We plan to do Iceland and then, another year, try artic Norway or even Svalbard – islands above the arctic circle that belong to Denmark and also have polar bears – this is probably what we’ll try is what we may try! Whatever you do you need to make sure that you know when they are going to be out, best done using the University of Alaska Northern Lights website. Our advice is to track the lights and then book a last minute flight to Iceland (from the East Coast) or Alaska (on the West). Enjoy!

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