Norway Part 2

Norway Part 2

Last week we did Oslo, Bergen and the Norwegian fjords but, really, what better way to see the spectacular fjords than from the sea?   We would highly recommend visiting Norway and, when you do, spend your time on the Fjords –the best way to do that is the Hurtigruten transport company. Their fleet of supply ships double as cruise ships and this should be your home for at least a couple of nights.

The ships are VERY basic with small cabins sort of like discount cruise cabins. Each room has a small bathroom, porthole, small twin beds, and a closet. The ships generally have a small gym (with a sauna – the highlight for me) and two small whirlpools (although one was broken on the ship I took). Your other passengers will be much, much older and generally Scandinavian – very quiet and pleasant people, this is no party boat.  You also shouldn’t expect any luxury or cruise-like events (there are no shows or films and the food is very basic). So why go?? For the amazing views and a quiet and relaxing trip up and down Norway’s stunning coastline.

I was on the cruise for four nights and that was probably too long – the best idea is to spend one or two nights getting from point A to point B on Norway’s coast and seeing the fjords from a Hurtigruten ship, and then train back down to Bergen or Oslo – or north to the Artic (next week’s post).

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