Ireland (1 of 4)

Ireland (1 of 4)

Ireland is full of beautiful green fields, strong waves crashing against a rugged and breathtakingly beautiful coastline, ancient Gothic history and ruins, and a contemporary history of revolving peace and conflict with their neighbors to the east – Britain. The story of the Irish yearning for freedom is, in my mind, among the greatest in all of history and while in Ireland, I’d recommend visiting some of the sites of their struggle for freedom. Spending your time split between Ireland’s main cities and their quaint small towns and countryside would make for a perfect trip to Ireland.

You will likely arrive in Dublin – and that is a great thing. Spend at least two nights exploring the city. Start at O’Connell’s bridge and just wander. You’ll see Trinity College (see the Book of Kells), walk along Grafton Street, and end up in St. Stephen’s Green (visit the nearby national museums of art and history) and end up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. On either your first or second day see the Guinness Brewery as well as the Kilmainham Gaol, the site where the leaders of Irish rebellions, including the 1916 Easter Uprising, were detained or executed. Kilmainham Goal is one of the most interesting sites I’ve ever visited due in part to the best tour guides I’ve ever had – you shouldn’t miss it!

For the evenings try to catch a play at the Abbey Theater or head to the Arlington Hotel bar in order to see their famous Irish Dance show. And of course, go to a pub. More on Irish pubs next week.

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