In March we went green, misty, rainy (Ireland) this time we’re going hot and dry. Very hot. Dessert hot and far away. The country of Jordan.

Other than our Easter posts on Israel, this is our first post outside of the US or Europe and there’s a reason for that – Jordan is an amazing and safe destination that will be a whole different experience for most travelers. Jordan is very clearly the Middle East and you will get the full flavor of that culture – the food, the warm hospitality from many of the locals, the sights, sounds, and smells all very foreign to what you’ve experience before – and it is also welcoming to American travelers (…there is a State Dept travel warning– noting that Islamic extremists have been active in the country – so please read the warning. We also recommend traveling in a group outside of Amman/Dead Sea). We recommend that you spend 5 days in the country.

The first day you will arrive in Amman – explore Jebel hill (the center of the Roman city of Philadelphia), the souk, and Rainbow Street.  The second day head to the Dead Sea – an hour drive away (your hotel can set you up with a driver).  We always love Marriott hotels and the same is true in Jordan – we recommend staying at the Marriott in Amman as well as the Dead Sea.  On the way to the Dead Sea, stop at the Baptism site – the location of the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist.  Spend the rest of the day and night (or two!) at your resort enjoying the Dead Sea. 

The next day, head to Petra.  It’s a three-hour drive straight to Petra (your hotel can again set you up with a driver) but you should stop at a variety of sites along the way and stay overnight at the Marriott in Petra.  Petra is a 2,000 year old small city cut into stone and is simply fascinating. We recommend that you plan to spend at least six hours at the site.  Pay for the donkey ride up to the top of the site and enjoy haggling over the price.  Once at the top spend some time admiring the site, have a bite from the cafe and then take your time walking down. 

Once you’ve seen Petra, it’s time to drive back to the Amman airport and to Europe for the rest of your vacation or fly home.  Another amazing site to see in Jordan is Wadi Rum, although we admit we never made it there.  You’d have to add an extra few days to your trip to Jordan, but we hear its worth it!  …and don’t forget your Flightline Travel tote to keep all your travel essentials at your fingertips during the long flight!

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