The Joys of Summer Travel

The Joys of Summer Travel

There is nothing that I like more than spring and early summer weather – when the birds, flowers, trees, and even all of us people seem energized, happiers, and ready to enjoy relaxing warm days with friends and family.  This time of year always gets me excited for another of my favorite things:  summer travel.  It must be  ingrained in my from childhood but I know when the temperature starts the rise and the sun shines past 8pm, that it is time for travel.  Childhood travel consisted mainly of visiting relatives but the lived in interesting places (NYC, Los Angeles, and both a tiny mining town in SW Pennsylvania and a historic one in the NE part of the state); so every relative visit was filled with exciting new things to see and do.  As I got older, we also started taking family vacations – to Disney World, to Yellowstone, California and even Europe and it ingrained in me that summertime is travel time.

I have two vacations planned this summer:   a cruise (with my husband who has never taken one) and, mid-summer, another trip to Iceland.  I’ve been there three times already but I LOVE it and, since I have a more limited than usual amount of time for vacation this year and for a variety of other good reasons, we’ve decided to return.  This year we’re doing the ring road and I can’t wait! 

We hope to do have many mini-vacation like days at our neighborhood pool and our generous friends’ pool as well as some easy day trips near home.  There’s nothing like the excitement of summer travel and I’m looking forward to beginning it now!   Happy vacation planning (and doing!) to you all – and don’t forget your Flightline Travel tote to add to the ease of travel wherever you may go. 

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