DC’s Beaches (aka Delaware Beaches)

DC’s Beaches (aka Delaware Beaches)

I know many of you live within walking, biking, or a quick drive to the beach – I know since I’ve seen your amazing beachside communities and visited friends and family happily living at the water’s edge.  I love the beach so imagine my surprise when I moved to DC in 2001 and discovered that the Delaware beaches are only 121 miles and reportedly two and a half hours away from DC (…and then my further  surprise when my friend and I left for the beach at 10am on a sunny July morning and drove over five hours with a nearly over-heated engine due to traffic to finally arrive at Lewes, the northern most beach). 

I quickly learned that, like so many other things in DC, if you don’t travel during peak traffic times, life is much easier.  Since that first trip I always leave at odd hours and have a pretty enjoyable ride to the beaches…and the beaches are perfect!  

The Delaware beaches consist of Rehoboth, Bethany, South Bethany, Dewey, Lewes, Fenwick and Cape Henlopen State Park.  If you’re in the DC area, or even visiting for a while, you’ll want to experience these great beaches.  Each beach has it’s own personality and you can go for fun, young Dewey, for family as well as gay-friendly Rehoboth, for upscale Bethany, or private, quite South Bethany.  Lewes is the first beach you’ll reach coming in from DC and, although it has great amenities and draws a younger crowd, most people land there simply since they are fed-up with the traffic and want to park and be at the beach.  Fenwich has the opposite problem – it’s the furthest Southern beach only reached after crossing through a large beautifully undeveloped park area and situated basically on the DE-MD line; since it’s the last beach few people make it out that way and, while it is certainly nice, we prefer the northern beaches  Next week’s post will focus on Rehoboth, Dewey as well as my very favorite Bethany and South Bethany. 

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