DC Beaches (Delaware Beaches) Part 2

DC Beaches (Delaware Beaches) Part 2

This post is a more in-depth look at Rehoboth, Dewey, and Bethany.  Rehoboth is, without a doubt, the most popular of the beaches and for good reason, it has restaurants rivaling the best in any city, the same incredibly wide sandy beach that the other beaches share, and the variety of rooms you can rent at many of the small condos, large beach houses or independent and chain hotels is unmatched on the Delaware coast.  We’ve stayed at the Atlantic View hotel as well as a Marriott property, a small rental, and a B&B.  The huge variety of entertainment on the boardwalk, the restaurants, the wide beach and the easy-going attitude of the other beach goers, generally older adults or families or gay couples, make for a nice beach destination.

If you want the same wide beach but with a slightly younger crowd and more bars and, if you want, the opportunity for late night drinking fun, you should choose Dewey.  You should plan to enjoy the beach and then find your way to the Starboard or Bottle and Cork – popular restaurant/bars close to the beach.

If you looking for more of a quiet, relaxing, easy getaway, and are fine eating at home some nights, you probably want the upscale beach towns of Bethany or, even quieter, South Bethany.  The best B&B on the coast, Addy Sea, is here as well as only a few hotels by Marriott and Holiday Inn, otherwise, you’ll probably rent a beach house.  I don’t want to say too much about Bethany and South Bethany since I feel like I’ve been trusted with a great secret about how these beaches are so perfect and I shouldn’t spill the secret.  So, I will only say that if you like miles of unspoiled beaches with nice people and an upscale and quiet but fun atmosphere, while spending relaxing days simply hanging out and enjoying the easy life, then this is for you.   It’s truly a perfect beach environment within driving distance from DC – perfect! 

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