I went to Croatia with one of my best friends a few years ago and I still think of it often – it remains one of my all-time favorite places.  Croats are some of the most warm, decent, friendly people that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, I felt a true connection with the people and will never forget them and their beautiful country.  Croatia is a 1,500 year old country full of ancient churches, amazing natural lakes and cliffs, literally over a thousand beautiful rocky islands, and thousand of miles of coast on the Adriatic Sea.

The country is immediately east of Italy and has some noticeable Italian influence in the northern part and has what can only be called a unique Croatian look and feel mixed with some general Mediterranean culture (warm weather, casual dress, laid back attitudes) throughout the rest of the country.   They have great food, mainly based on fish and fresh produce, good drinks, and warm sun-shiny days.

To get to Croatia, you will most likely fly into in Dubrovnik or Zagreb (with your Flightline Travel products!).  If its all the same, we recommend arriving in Zagreb and touring that great city your first day.  This way you can go North and visit Slovenia (see Lake Bled!) for a day or two and then turn south and drive or train down the entire coastline of Croatia until it’s very end in Dubrovnik.  Before you arrive in Dubrovnik, where you’ll want to spend at least three-five days getting there and enjoy a least a couple nights in the country’s small, quaint, but very lively islands.   You will have lazy days on the island’s small beaches and delicious fresh dinners under the stars or late, fun, party nights with the locals and other visitors.   We visited Hvar and Korcula and recommend you visit one of these and then another one of your choice.  You should stay in a small, local inn or private residence/AirBNB (we found great ones in each island) and open the windows in the morning to have the freshest air and clearest sunlight stream in to begin your day.   Next week – my very favorite places in Croatia.

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