Croatia – Dubrovnik (3 of 3)

Croatia – Dubrovnik (3 of 3)

Last week we focused on the magical Plitvice Lakes and today we are focusing on Dubrovnik for our last post on Croatia.   Dubrovnik is a famous city (pop 46,000) and UNESCO heritage site in Croatia – it is one of our favorite Mediterranean cities (not including the eternal city, Rome, which we don’t really think of as Mediterranean).  It is a walled city and a major highlight of your visit will be to walk around the walls and the fortress.  The walls were built in the 9th century (!!) and were fortified 600 years later with the circular forts and towers which for centuries defended the ancient city from attack.  You should plan to spend an entire day walking around the walls, visiting the related museums, having a lunch or dinner (or both) outside in one of the many ancient old town squares, and simply roaming the steep alleyways and pathways throughout the old town.  You will do lots of walking, more than half of it will seem to be up very steep staired alleyways, and will have an leisurely, memorable day in a truly beautiful ancient city.

There is much more to see both in Old Town and near-by: including the Franciscan Monastery and its Old Pharmacy Museum in the heart of Old Town, the cable car to a lookout area, the beautiful churches and monasteries throughout the city and, this being Croatia, the beaches.  The main city beach, Banje, is literally right next to the walls of the old town. There is also a perfect beach not far (20 minute walk) away, the Sveti Jakov beach – simply follow quiet, tree-lined Vlaha Bukovca and you’ll get there soon enough.  The beaches are pebbly but are still magical in the golden sunlight and deep blue water of Croatia.

Enjoy amazing Croatian wine, the warm locals, the beautiful sunlight and ancient sites combined with modern convenience during your time in Croatia!

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