Beautiful Italy!   There are so many amazing things about Italy, but my favorite has to be the warm and friendly Italian people, almost all of whom seem to have a relative in New York or elsewhere in the U.S.  I know a little about Italian culture and customs as many of my cousins are half-Italian — and what a great culture it is!

The historic sites and churches, the modern stylish Italians, the very fresh food and pasta, beautiful sunlight, and amazing wine make for a perfect vacation no matter where in the country you travel.   There is a general sense in Italy that things that are worth doing take time – whether that’s building the next impressive building, cooking your delicious dinner at a local restaurant, leading a tour of a museum, of simply working a desk job – no one in Italy seems to be in a hurry but they also seem to do things with care and attention.  It’s a perfect combination for a relaxing vacation full of amazing sites and experiences.

With so much to see, where should you start?  The best advice I ever got is to start in the north and head south.  For example, if you have a week or two, start in Venice or Florence and then head south to Siena and then to Rome.   The truest statement I’ve ever heard about Italy is that if you’re traveling south to Rome and still loving Italy, then go further south, it gets better… but if Italy is getting on your nerves by the time you get to Rome, don’t go any further South, it gets worse.  😊  How very true.   Rome is amazing (and the subject of our next post) but it is very different from the north of Italy and Naples and further south is different even more so.  I wouldn’t recommend Naples, but I would highly recommend further south along the Amalfi coast (the subject of our post after Rome).   And, of course, to organize all your travel documents, as noted in our recent review don’t forget your Flightline Travel tote!

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