For the Love of Day Trips!

For the Love of Day Trips!

As summer comes to a close, it seems that everyone we know is on their summer vacation – trying to get their final adventures in before the turn of the seasons and heading back to school and work on the Tuesday after Labor Day (if not a little before!).   While there is no doubt that August is prime travel month for so many schedules, we prefer to do our big summer trip either in late May or early Sept – and always recommend this as the best travel strategy; but in between, we love day trips!

Spending less than a few hours planning and then packing up the car with everything you may need – and much more (why not, its just in the car) – and then enjoying the drive as well as the destination is a great way to spend a summer weekend.   We always recommend spending at least a portion of the drive on scenic by-ways and not spending the whole time doing 85 on the highway.  It usually only takes an extra half-hour or so and is so worth it.   Don’t forget to look for fun places to stop for lunch – if you have time – although we admit we usually do either quick fast-food or, if we really plan, a quick picnic at a nice park.   Also, our Flightline Travel Totes, originally designed to fit in the seat-back pocket of an airplane, work perfectly for car travel – fitting the in the seat back pockets of the driver and passenger seats or easily tucked away in the front area of the car.

So, where to go?  Depends, of course, on who you’re going with.  We like to keep driving time below 4-5 hours for an overnight and below 2 hours (one-way) for a day trip.  Traveling with kids?  Do a locally owned amusement park or water park, or a national park for hiking, or a petting zoo or a demonstration farm.  Looking for a romantic weekend with a loved one?  A night away at a B&B in a quaint town with a nice dinner and (of course) breakfast along with strolling around a new small town is always fun – especially if there’s a winery, small museum, historic house to tour or a brewery/distillery or somewhere else to see.   Next weekend – focus on day trips from DC to Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes in Pennsylvania!

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