Business Travel

Business Travel

So, with summertime over it seems that we are all back to working hard and juggling busy social, family, home and work lives.  Travel for fun seems to be over for a while, but that doesn’t mean that travel itself is thrown to the wayside – instead it means a different kind of travel – business travel.   Business travel is absolutely one of the things in life that is equal parts both a joy and a burden – but we are here to make it more of a joy. 

We have been doing business travel for over 15 years and know well the feeling of travel fatigue.  While sometimes, after months and months of travel that interferes with important things at home, travel fatigue from business travel is real and you simply have to take a break for a few months… other times, all you really need is an attitude reset.  And we are here to help!  

We developed Flightline Travel Totes specifically for business travel – our first prototype was simply a tote that we could us on our own long-haul flights.  It was due to the amazing response from other travelers that inspired us to open a business and sell our products to the masses – meeting a need that no other tote filled.  We remain the only tote on the market specifically designed to fit in the seatback pocket with the patented over-hang flap that faces you, the traveler, while you remain seated.  All of your essentials literally at your fingertips.  Try it – you’ll love it!   If you don’t simply return it for a refund.

Other tips:  Get to the airport early (there’s nothing worse than last-minute stress to make a flight); wear noise cancelling headsets; pay extra to get on the plane first; do carry-on only, if you can; and keep in mind that convenience is the most important thing (pay extra for it, ignore bad service for it, accept lower quality food for it… convenience trumps everything when on business travel).

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