Prague 2

Prague 2

This week we are focusing on Prague.   Prague is reportedly the fifth most visited city in the European Union after LondonParisIstanbul and Rome, so you won’t be alone and don’t expect the local Czech’s to be so interested or amazed at wherever you’ve come from… they’ve seen it before.   But do expect the Czechs to be quietly welcoming and rightfully proud of their clean and beautiful historical city.  The Czechs are, above all, genuinely good hard-working people with their focus on their families – they live quiet lives, but enjoy great nightlife as well as the great forests and outdoor areas in their country, fine art, museums, and other culture events.

What to see in Prague?  Spend your first full day seeing the most famous sites.  Start at Old Town Square and the amazing Astronomical clock, then walk across the Charles Bridge to Prague Castle – seeing the castle and the quaint old streets surrounding it – of course making sure to stop for coffee and pastries in Old Town Square and then stop for a very late lunch (or early dinner/happy hour) in one of the cafes near the castle.  Whatever you do you must try the local Czech Pilsners – the famous Budvar (the recipe on which Budweiser is based), Pilsner Urquell, or, our favorite, Staropramen (we recommend going to the Staropramen brewery – about half a mile down the hill from Prague Castle).  This can literally be a 12 hour day of walking around and enjoying the sites and we recommend you enjoy it and take your time.

Over the next days, sperate your time between the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, seeing the Castle neighborhood in depth, and then the neighborhoods of Petřín hill and Vyšehrad.  You should also not miss the Mucha museum and spend a leisure mid-morning or mid-afternoon at a café with the best coffee and pastries you have ever had.   And lots of happy hours drinking fresh, clean, crisp, Czceh Pilsners.  Ideally schedule four full but leisurely days (or three packed ones) to see the city before heading off on a train to other near-by gems… including Vienna (or post next week). 

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